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Twitter Goes Crazy Over Pats

Generally social media wears me out. But I have to admit yesterday, while the Patriots were absolutely embarrassing themselves on national TV, the Boston media provided some comic/stress relief on Twitter.  I really only follow sports people on my Twitter. So that might explain why my feed was full of whining, opinions, and cheap shots on the Pats.

What you see in the image is all I could fit in one screenshot.  I don’t know if on a day like yesterday social media is therapy or it’s just piling on? But for at least one day out of 365, what was on Twitter was actually more entertaining than what was on the TV. #Patsblow


49ers 23, Patriots 3 (halftime): Feels like 1992 again in Foxboro. Some bad, bad football being played, and no one in the stands. @MikeReiss The last time the Patriots had a losing season, Nomar hit .372 as a 26-year-old. He’s 47 now. @Jared_Carrabis 2004: These are not your grandfather's Red Sox. 2020: These are your grandfather's Patriots. @PeteAbe Winslow Farm is offering a $1000 dollar reward for information regarding the whereabouts or for the safe return of their goat Blossom. This should not be confused with the $25 million reward being offered by the New England Patriots for the safe return of their goat, Tom Brady. @Onlyin BOS

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