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Time to let fans into Maine games

I’m thrilled that UMaine is hosting some games in Orono. Hockey, football, and women’s basketball all play at home soon. There’s absolutely no reason that there should not be some fans allowed at the games. If you think otherwise you’re softer than a three week old banana.

Look, I know UMaine officials are in handcuffs due to the state mandate. But I’m suggesting that while the guidelines are loosening, the state that is supposed to Dirigo (lead) is way behind.

Guess what I did in Florida last week? Went to a spring training game. It was a perfectly safe experience. Lots of spacing in our seats. Masks. Separate entrances into restrooms with some urinals closed. Credit cards only for a touchless experience. Lots of sanitizer around. And it was outside, just like Black Bear football will be in Orono in a few weeks. The blue print is in place, it just needs to be implemented in Orono.

Actually by the letter of the law Maine can have fans at upcoming football games. But will officials in Orono let that happen? They should.

This week men’s hockey and women’s basketball will host postseason games in front of no fans. It’s a shame. Because a percentage of fans could be let in safely. Just like at Maine high school games this past winter. COVID is mostly to blame for the lost memories for players, coaches and fans. But so is Augusta.

After missing spring sports last season I do believe the MPA will have teams playing this spring, and parents at least must be allowed in to watch their kids play.

Fans attended the Super Bowl. They attended some NFL and college football games this past season. It’s time to let fans watch sports here in Maine as well.

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