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Time for Rocket and Schilling to get in the HOF

In 2019 the Sports Chowdah brought both Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling to Bangor. So, it will come as no surprise to you that I’m all in on each being voted into the baseball Hall of Fame this year.

But it’s not just the fact I chatted each of these guys up on stage that has me in thier corner. They both truly deserve a plaque..

I've admitted I hated The Rocket for years when he was with the Jays and especially the Yankees. I'm a loyal sox fan. Hating people in pinstripes is my job.

But I can now easily step back and say Clemens is the best pitcher to ever toe the rubber in MLB.

Look, his Boston numbers alone should get him in Cooperstown. Through 1996 with the Sox, Clemens was 192-111 with a 3.06 ERA 1.16 WHIP with 2,590 strikeouts. He won three Cy Youngs, an MVP, led the league in ERA four times, WHIP twice, strikeouts three times, shutouts five times. And this was pre PED concerns. So vote him in on those years alone.

Overall he won seven Cy Youngs, an MVP and two World Series rings. He's ninth in career wins at 354, third in strikeouts, and trails only Cy Young and Walter Johnson in WAR for pitchers.

And he was never suspended for PED use. Never. Ever.

As for Curt Schilling, his case is not a lock like Roger’s. But its still a pretty easy one to make. Especially if you are able to set aside the fact he seems to have gone completely of the rails these days, politically speaking.

RECORD: 216-146

ERA: 3.46


WAR 79.5

WHIP: 1.16


POST SEASON RECORD: 11-2 with a 2.23 ERA


Schilling did not win the Cy Young, but finished second in the voting 3 times and in the top 5 four times.

He had ice in his veins and blood on his sock in the playoffs and was one of the best prime time pitchers the game has seen. In the prime of his career Schilling was dominant posting a 111-57 record in his eight seasons with Arizona and Boston.

It should be noted much of Curt’s career took place during the steroid era. That should count for a little something extra too as I think we can agree that his body didn’t get much enhancing from drugs, weights or low carb food.

OK. No more jokes about Schill being over weight. Now for Curt and Roger the real wait should be over. If not, the process is the real joke.


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