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This World Series is Legit

A lot of people are saying that this year’s World Series winner won’t be legitimate. I’d like to agree with them since the Cubs were bounced in the first round, but that’s not the case.

Whoever wins the title this year will go down in history as 2020 World Series Champs, like the Nationals in 2019, the Red Sox in 2018, the Astros in 2017, and the Cubs in 2016. (Yes, I had to get the Cubs in there.)

Actually, they might be more legitimate than the Astros

What teams have had to overcome this season, is in many ways, was more difficult than teams do in traditional years. First, they went to Spring Training only to see it halted. Players were sent home and had to work out on their own, not knowing when or if the season would resume. One of the many rumors was it was going to restart around the 4th of July. 

The teams and players endured a ‘Summer Camp’ and began the season nearing the last week of August. The teams fit 60 games into a two-month schedule. Many of the teams had positive COVID-19 tests along the way and had to shut play down. If it wasn’t bad enough playing nearly every day, some teams played many doubleheaders. The Cardinals once played five doubleheaders in 11 days. 

Once the playoffs were in sight, the players on contending teams moved into hotels to create a quarantine-like bubble. The final three rounds of the playoffs were held at a neutral site location, with few fans. 

Having worked in collegiate athletics for many years, I know the adrenaline rush surrounding a big game. A lot of that rush happens when teams come out to a stadium full of fans. I remember when Maine would host a big hockey game. The students would be lined up hours before the game. Occasionally, players would sneak outside to see and hear the excitement of the fans. 

The conditions this year have not been ideal. Yes, it was only 60 games, but teams and players still had to perform to make the playoffs and advance. Both the Rays and the Dodgers finished with the best records in their respective divisions.

In fact, they were the only two teams to win 40 games or more. Here’s hoping for a long series and congratulations to the eventual winner. 

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