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This One Is On Bill

Bill Belichick better take a good, long hard look in his mirror this offseason.

He only has himself to blame for the way the moribund New England Patriots have performed this season.

The coach and the organization famous for making other teams look bad over the last 20 years got pantsed 38-9 by Buffalo on "Monday Night Football," guaranteeing the franchise's first sub-.500 record since 2000, the Hoodie's first year in Foxboro.

Patriots Nation is living a nightmare while Thomas Edward Patrick Brady is one win away from getting the luxury of taking on the "champion" of the woeful NFC East in the Wild Card playoff round in two weeks.

It's not helping that Belichick acting like Oscar the Grouch to the media when being asked about the quarterback situation. There's no excuse for it. Belichick's unwillingness to upgrade the wide receiver and tight end positions was a factor in Brady leaving for Tampa Bay.

Yes, the same Tom Brady who has torched the Lions and Falcons the last two weeks with 600-plus yards passing and six touchdown passes.

I'd say TB12 has a clear lead in the Brady vs. Belichick competition. His Hoodiness is 22-25 with no playoff appearances in his Pats tenure in games not started by Brady.

Belichick's offseason priority obviously starts at quarterback, and upgrading the skill positions offensively. That's assuming defensive stalwarts Dont'a Hightower and Patrick Chung, who opted out of this season due to Covid-19 concerns, are back in 2021.

Trevor Lawrence is probably looking at condos in Jacksonville, so he's obviously not walking through that door. In spite of not having reliable pass-catchers, Newton hasn't proven himself to be the quarterback of the future since he tested positive for Covid earlier in the season, and his throwing shoulder just doesn't look right.

If the Lions, who have fired their head coach and general manager, decide to blow it up, perhaps Matthew Stafford is worth a look? He's had the misfortune of being stuck in the same division as Aaron Rodgers his whole career, and when healthy is one of the game's most efficient quarterbacks.

It's possible we're going to see a 2007-esque upgrade of the offense this offseason. Bills Mafia is laughing at us while jumping through tables, hopefully while practicing social distancing. That's the last thing Patriots Nation wants.

The aura of dominance and invincibility is gone. But fortunately the Patriots have the salary-cap space to go on a spending spree this offseason. And Belichick and the Krafts need to. You're not going to win track meets against Kansas City with Jakobi Myers as your number one receiver.

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