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TB 12 (Real tree) vs. Cam (Fake Tree)

As you read on you’ll see that we spend a little bit of time debating a real Christmas tree versus a fake Christmas tree.

To me the argument is a little bit like Tom Brady versus Cam Newton.

A real Christmas tree (TB 12) is awesome. Authentic. Radiates a glow that lights up a room. Just its presence signals that there’s something special going on or about to happen. And it smells terrific. (OK I have in fact been close enough to interview Tom Brady a couple of times but I have to admit I have never sniffed him. Or Cam for that matter)

A fake tree is a bit like Cam. Some people like it. To some degree it gets the job done. But there’s nothing special about it. Your family will certainly have some enjoyable moments with it but it’s not quite the perfect picture of a magical season.

Do you agree or disagree on the trees? You have your chance to weigh in below.

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