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Tank for Trevor. Winter Sports in Jeopardy? Solari's thoughts.

Lots of Patriots commentary later in the Chowdah. So I will just say that if it’s going to take a season to rebuild, get some good draft picks, and let some of the younger kids play, it might as well be this one.

Tank. For. Trevor.

A Super Bowl won this year is going to be with an asterisk anyway. It's not the same with games in front of no fans, star players opting out, altered schedules due to Covid diagnoses and more. Heck, they’ll probably play the Super Bowl in front of only like 8000 people, if that many.

Look I want the Patriots to win. I’ll still watch every week. I’m enjoying some of the other games as well. But at the end of the day I’m not much concerned about this season.


The recent COVID 19 “Surge” here in Maine is troubling for so many reasons. Obviously the health concerns of our family, friends, and neighbors are the priority. But those aside, this outbreak probably put a dagger in the winter high school sport season in the state.

The new restrictions by Governor Mills this week are revealing.

I would also say not only the "Surge" here, but the problems with the increased Covid numbers across the country, probably guarantee that we will not have University of Maine sports prior to the new year either.

College students just can’t be put in a bubble like the NBA or NHL players. They have to come back to their dorms. They have classes to attend. Really not much scenario that commissioners of leagues or governors of states allow that kind of travel until these numbers start trending down, which again hopefully will be soon!


It would seem this might be the week Alex Cora is named Red Sox manager again? They’re interviewing a bunch of no-name people including Cora. Is there any shot the guy that won 118 games in the World Series title two years ago it’s not the best candidate?

He apparently did the crime and has obviously done the time. Might as well give him his gig back and the tiny office at Fenway Park


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