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Solari gives updates on fall sports, poll results and a Pats prediction

A local athletic director tells me that Wednesday is the day we will have more information about fall high school sports here in Maine.

It’s not clear if the MPA will make a final decision or if they’re just providing information on how they might be able to meet state guidelines.

As I’ve said for a couple of weeks, there will be no football season. So stringing hard-working players along while leading them to believe there will be a season is just cruel. 

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have pushed football to the spring. Vermont is trying seven on seven.

New Hampshire is going to give it a try. From the Portland Press Herald:

"Most New Hampshire school districts are moving forward with football. According to the website New Hampshire Football Report, 36 of the state’s 58 programs have indicated they will play football, four do not intend to play football and 18 have yet to make a decision."

But the New Hampshire Governor gave the go ahead in July. Maine is way behind.

Hopefully this is resolved asap for the sake of players, coaches and parents.

The real mystery is will there be other fall sports this year? I still think there’s a chance for some. 


This is a highly controversial and equally divided topic. Two weeks ago we asked in our poll “Do you think fall sports should be played”

37% said no. 34% said yes. Some sports but not all checked in at 29%. 

And when the MPA initially indicated they would allow fall sports we asked if that was a good decision. 49% said no. 41% yes.

We will know more soon.


There’s a lot of faith being put in Bill Belichick these days. Lee Goldberg thinks the Patriots will make it to nine wins. My buddy Sterling thinks they’ll still win the AFC East. Same for Ryan McLaughlin. 

They are quite insane.

With a new quarterback, not much talent at wide receiver or tight end, and with questions at running back, I think the offense will certainly have trouble for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Maybe longer.

The secondary is still great but outside of Chase Winovich, there's not much talent amongst the big boys. Teams will probably run all over the Patriots.

If Bellichick is the genius we think, and Cam stays healthy, I’ll say 8-8. That’s best case scenario. 

You have a chance to make a prediction down below in the poll.


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