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RIP 2020: Good Riddance

I remember one time I had front row seats to see Pedro pitch for the Sox against the Rangers. I almost couldn’t sleep the night before. I was so excited i just couldn't hide it.

But my joy was short lived as Pedro got hit pretty hard that day, was knocked out early, and recorded one of his only losses of the season. It sucked. And it’s a pretty fair analogy to how I feel about 2020.

I had such high hopes for the year. I came running out of 2019 at full speed like Robin Ventura only to find that 2020 was Nolan Ryan.

My 2020 started with so many high draft picks yet I ended up with Johnny Manziel, JaMarcus Russell, and a bunch of extra toilet paper.

It’s like at the end of 2019 former Clippers owner Donald Sterling bought 2020 and hired Isiah Thomas as the General manager and Magic Johnson to coach after trading all of our good players to fund a Broadway play.

I know you lived through this year in sports hell as well. But just in case you have not seen the utter carnage displayed in one place, here you go.


The greatest quarterback of all time leaves town.

The Sox trade Mookie Betts.

Patriots miss the playoffs.

UMaine football misses entire season.

Decision is made to cancel the 2021 high school basketball tournaments.

Red Sox were the worst team in baseball most of the summer.

Kobe is killed.

Alex Cora is suspended for cheating

No March Madness.

No Hockey East tourney when the Black Bears actually had a shot at winning.

No high school sports in Maine after Feb.

Chara leaves for the Capitols.

The only thing that could have made this sports year worse would be Roseanne Barr “singing” the national anthem.

There was nothing we could do to get the year back on track. We tried to call timeout but like Chris Webber, we didn’t have any TO's left.

2021 has to be better. It's going to start slow and be painful to watch. Kind of like David Ortiz was for a couple of seasons. But Big Papi finished his career strong, and I think 2021 will end up great as well.

Stay safe and Happy New Year!


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