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Pats Preview With Lee Goldberg

Well well well. Here we are, officially two days from the start of the NFL season. Which you can see on NBCby the way :-)

It will be bizarre no doubt. But at least it will be football. And I’m not just talking about the pandemic, and no fans. For the first time in 20 years, the Patriots will have a quarterback take the field on opening day not named Tom Brady. (Not counting the silly Deflategate year)

I will preface what I’m about to say by reminding everybody how old I am, and that I’ve been a Patriots fan long before they ever won a Super Bowl. Heck I remember celebrating when they would score a touchdown.

This year‘s team is going to struggle. And in fairness, before I knew Brady was leaving, based on lack of talent and the schedule ahead of them, I had them going 10-6 at best.

Now, add in all of the off-season personnel changes, the people who left whether it be free agency or COVID-19 related, and the limited amount of people that were brought in and 10 wins is a dream.

I think this team will go 8-8, maybe 9-7. The schedule is brutal, and the talent just isn’t that good. They’re no better on offense then they were last year, and they’re worse on defense.

They will not win the division. They will not make the playoffs. It’s time for a massive rebuild.

A couple of months ago on these very pages, I told you I thought the Red Sox would finish fourth or fifth in the division. I was hoping to be wrong. I will hope the same when it comes to the Patriots. Either way, I’ll be there Sunday at 1 o’clockready to go!

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