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Pats fans: Full rebuild mode is here

At the end of last football season, I looked at the 2020 Patriots schedule. Based on the roster that they had at the time, I thought the team would have a chance at 8-8.

Then Brady left along with Collins and Van Noy.

Hightower chose to sit out, and no players of significance were added on either side of the ball to make up the gap.

I was very much looking forward (maybe that’s too strong) so seeing Jarrett Stidham take over as it had been a really long time since there was a new young quarterback at the helm. The Patriots kept him around and they did not draft anybody so they obviously liked him right? The changing of the guard was about to happen so let’s get that puppy under way!

No fan base likes to rebuild, but maybe some youthful exuberance would re-energize this depleted team. When New England signed Cam Newton, I was confused. Why would they do this? Was he a long term answer? Probably not. So at that point, why not go with your young quarterback? And if you are not committed to Stidham, why didn’t you draft a quarterback? So many questions.

Now, before the team played a game, I lowered my expectations to 7-9. Here we sit on November 1st, the team is 2-5 overall and watching not one, but two teams sit above it them the AFC East Standings. There is no way this team can now get to seven wins. You only get to play the Jets twice. That gets you to four. I don’t know where the other three come from. This year‘s schedule is brutal and this year’s talent is depleted.

For all the talk about whether it was Brady or Belichick that was responsible for the success here, I know the coach is taking a beating right now, and he should be, but maybe for a different reason.

Belichick the coach deserves as almost as much credit for the franchises success as number 12 does. It’s his work as a General Manager that should be called into question.

The reason this team is not very good is because it has an old roster and doesn’t have very good players. The reason for that is the man who picks the players. While he is unquestionabley the greatest coach of all time, his ability to “shop for the groceries” leaves a lot to be desired. 

In years gone by, he could roll out inferior receivers and running backs and his quarterback would make up for that difference. Now he doesn’t have the receivers or the running backs or the tight ends or a quarterback who can do anything to bridge that gap.

He also does not have a plan for the future, at least not one that is obvious to those looking on. This year isn’t a rebuild, it’s a disaster.

The rebuild will have to start next year, so Patriots fans will have to get used to looking up to other teams in the standings for the foreseeable future.

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