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Pats Continue to Win. And That's a Bad Thing

Before the season started, I was excited to see Jarrett Stidham as the Patriots quarterback. Not because I had any illusions of him leading the team to a super bowl, but because I was ready for the rebuild to start this season.

So then the team signed Cam Newton and I was annoyed. There’s no way he would be the quarterback of the future AND his time as a difference making QB is gone, so why delay the rebuild by a year or two?

Then they went 2-5 in their first 7 games and I was like, OK, top 5 draft pick next year, the rebuild is back on...

Then, they started winning... huh? What? Why? This team is no better than 8-8 (best case scenario) so what are they doing?

At the end of the year, Newton is gone, and the 6th oldest roster in football will need a near total makeover. So how will a draft pick in the mid/late teens be more valuable than one in the top 5? The way Belichick has drafted in years past, it won’t...

I’ll never root for the team to lose but I’m not super excited that they’re winning either. This team will go 9-7 at best next year and that’s bent optimistic.

I’d rather have a couple awful seasons with a chance to rebuild than multiple mediocre seasons where they just tread water. I’m ready for the rebuild, and now I have to wait even longer.....

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