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My Plan To Rebuild The Sox

What’s the best-selling automobile of all time? Model T? Good guess, but no. The Model T by Mr. Ford is number 9 on the list. 

VW Beetle? Better guess, as this car finds itself # 4 on the list.  

How about my sweet ride, a 2015 GMC Acadia? Not even close. Number one on the list? It’s the Toyota Corolla, with an amazing 43 million Corollas sold since the late 60s when they debuted. 

So, what is it about this auto that makes it so appealing and popular? A big engine with impressive horsepower? No, that’s not it. A sporty style that turns heads? Negative. Well then, it must be the comfortable, cushy interior. That’s not it either, as most Corollas feature rather common, run-of-the mill interiors. 

So what is it? Why has this seemingly pedestrian automobile been so wildly popular for the past several decades? Two words: practical, and dependable.

I don’t know….maybe it’s just a product of my aging sensibilities. I know people of a younger demographic will think I’m nuts. Fact is, not looking for a fancy ride with the Red Sox; I’m not even looking for a team with a ton of horsepower. 

Really, I’m just looking for practical and dependable at this point. I want to be able to dial-up the Sox on my TV and count on a dependable team. Dependable pitching, dependable hitting, dependable coaching. How many of us tuned-in to a Bosox game, and could depend on knowing half the players in uniform? The Sox don’t even have a coach at this point. That’s not practical.

For sure, we’ve become mighty spoiled as of late with the recent Sox success. Of course, I want more American East and World Series titles…who wouldn’t? But right now? I’ll settle for practical and dependable. How about you?

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