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Maybe the Sox aren't that bad?

I was wrong. I wasn’t mistaken. It wasn’t a misunderstanding. I was intentionally incorrect.

A week ago, I said I wouldn’t change streaming services just to watch the 2021 Boston Red Sox after they were swept by Baltimore.

Since my demarcation to no one, the Red Sox have gone 6-0 and sit alone atop the AL East at 6-3 and are the only team in the division with a winning record.

I have also signed up for FuboTV, (whatever the hell that is.)

JD Martinez is hotter than April in Bangor (this year) and watching Rafael Devers is the most fun person can legally have, though more unpredictable than riding a roller coaster with a mixed 12-pack of hard seltzers.

The pitching hasn’t been that bad either. Nathan Eovaldi has been a strike out machine, E-Rod looked good in his first start, Nick Pivetta has been solid and Tanner Houck is waiting in the wings with Chris Sale as the calvary.

The bullpen is still an enigma, but could actually house some live arms this season. Matt Barnes has looked sharp (we know better), Garrett Whitlock could be a major find, Adam Ottavino is a legitimate big leaguer, ditto for Sawamura and Andriese.

If sports has taught us anything, is that things can change quickly and making up your mind prematurely is the easiest mistake to make. Just like the death of the Red Sox a week ago proved to be greatly exaggerated, so too is their assent to the top of the division.

Sweeping Tampa Bay was nice, but it took 5 homers and two touchdowns to beat Baltimore’s 3-field goals on Sunday. The Orioles are bad, real bad but those are the teams you have to sweep if you’re going to be a competent big league club. That’s what the 2021 Red Sox are going for, they’re a team that will fight to earn a Wild Card and you hope is in the hunt down the stretch.

Is this team “poised for a run to the pennant?” Most assuredly not. But I’ve been wrong before.

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