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Long season coming at Fenway!

It's no secret that the Celtics have been the hottest mess among the Boston professional sports teams over the last several months.

After the first weekend of the Major League Baseball season, the Green can probably breathe a little easier with that distinction likely passing to the Red Sox.

Not that three games are an indicator of how a 162-game slate will go, but when you're swept at home by the moribund Baltimore Orioles by an aggregate 18-5, it's looking like it's going to be another long summer at Fenway Park.

These Red Sox appear to be a mirror image of the downtrodden 2020 club that finished last in the American League East in a 60-game season.

General manager Chaim Bloom and many fans in Red Sox Nation drinking his Moneyball kool-aid are preaching patience as the farm system continues to be reconstructed, but the World Championship season of 2018 feels like a generation ago.

Remember when the Sox had the best outfield in the game? Well, Mookie Betts is now in Los Angeles, having won a World Series with the Dodgers last year, Jackie Bradley, Jr., is in Milwaukee and Andrew Benintendi in Kansas City.

Personally, I've been frustrated with Bloom's methods ever since he shipped Betts and David Price to Hollywood to "slash payroll," but Betts stated in a GQ article recently that he expected to be a Red Sox for life and was interested in a long-term deal.

Bloom. who looks like he should be swapping experiments with Steve Urkel as opposed to running a professional baseball team, didn't seem to have much interest in signing Betts to a long-term deal, so here we are. The guy is the second coming of Billy Beane. Have the A's won any championships using the "Moneyball" methods? I don't think Bloom is the long-term answer to be the baseball boss in Boston.

It doesn't help that Chris Sale is coming off Tommy John surgery and probably won't pitch for a few more months and Eduardo Rodriguez is still working his way back from injuries and a bout with Covid-19 last year.

These Red Sox are fortunate only a couple of thousand fans are being allowed inside the ballpark. The season may be young but the boo birds have had a year and a half to prepare their vocal chords.

The Sox better find a way to get their act together and be somewhat competitive when the trade deadline rolls around, or Bloom could irk the fan base more with a 1997 Marlins-esque fire sale. We don't need any more marquee stars like Xander Boegarts or Rafael Devers leaving town.

At least the NFL Draft is a couple weeks away and the enthusiasm regarding the Patriots is slowly creeping back.

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