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Let the NFL QB Carousel Begin

For low these many years, the Patriots were left as the parents standing outside the guard rail while the Dolphins, Jets and Bills rode the Signal-Caller-Merry-Go-Round every off season.

(Can’t you picture Rex Ryan on the horsey going up and down while Bill Belichick stands outside and waves at him holding a camcorder? Yeah, me neither.)

The Patriots took an abbreviated ride on the carousel last year, we met Cam, yada yada yada we’re getting back on the horse in 2021.

For something as simple as finding a quarterback is, it is difficult to find “The Guy”, one need look no further than this year’s final four as the latest demonstration that you have to have an elite quarterback to win the NFL.

There is a certain exhilaration to it though, the feeling that anything could happen, rumors abound starting now and running through the Draft in April. Chris Long said on his Green Light podcast “Thinking you have something is usually better than actually having something.” Chris wasn’t talking about quarterbacks, but he might as well have been.

Enough of the mechanical horse analogies, one can only go around and around in circles so many times. News broke on Saturday night that Matthew Stafford’s time in Detroit is coming to an end. Since mid-season rumor of Stafford to New England has endured, due more to wishful thinking than any sort of actual reporting. Stafford would be embraced in New England as a rifle-armed, Steve Grogan-type, set to match fire power at 20-paces with Josh Allen.

The question is, can Bill Belichick fleece the new regime in Detroit of GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell? If anybody knows more of the inner workings in Detroit it’s Bill Belichick. Their former GM Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia cut their teeth in Foxboro before Motor City and Patricia was brought back to New England this weekend as an assistant. You don’t think he could lend some insights into the Lions’ cap/draft situations, do you?)

I’m on record as saying I don’t believe Bill Belichick will use his first round pick to select a quarterback, now will he trade that pick in a package to get a quarterback? I think that is much more likely. The Lions are reported to be seeking a first rounder for the 33-year old Stafford, there could be a match here.

Matthew Stafford could be a great fit in New England, but one has to dream of what DeShaun Watson would like with the Flying Elvis on his helmet. (Doesn’t feel like a stretch visually, the Patriots’ new get-ups look an awful lot like the Texans uniforms, just change the helmet in your photoshop.)

Watson says he’d like to be a Jet or a Dolphin (the Jets have the 2nd pick in the draft, the Dolphins have the 3rd pick, coincidently or not, via the Texans.) which makes me believe that the Texans and Watson have come to an understanding: the team will trade their franchise quarterback, but only for a top-3 pick in the draft. (Why else would Watson say he wants to play for the Jets? Nobody has wanted to pay for the Jets since Mike DeVito left.)

The Patriots can’t match what their division rivals could offer for Watson, but with Jack Easterby and former Patriots personnel director Nick Caserio running the show, stranger things have happened. Unlikely, but it’s a fun to take the ride just the same.

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