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It's officially the baseball Hall of Lame

Once again baseball finds itself in the headlines, for the wrong reasons.

Tuesday was the day that the new members of the Hall of Fame were to be announced.

Did I say Hall of FAME? Sorry, I meant Hall of LAME.

Not a single person was elected by the "experts" who fill out the ballots. In fact, 14 of these voters didn't check off a single box. Not one. They left them all blank.

Can you even imagine having a ballot and sending it back unmarked? These idiots should never get a ballot sent to them again.

The annual screw job of leaving out Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Pete Rose rolls on of course. The home run king, the Cy Young king and the hit king all not part of the Hall of Fame. What's the point of even having this thing if the best players in the game aren't even close to being admitted? Total joke.

Curt Schilling got shafted out of an opportunity to speak at UMaine a few years back as part of a Black Bear fundraiser. And he continues to be shafted from the HOF. Schill is so disgusted by these voters he sent a letter to the Baseball Writers of America and told them to remove his name from the ballot next year.

We can now add to the list Gary Sheffield as well. The voters deemed, well 60% of the voters, deemed Sheffield not worthy. Simply laughable. A World Series champion with tremendous career numbers and absolutely one of the best playing the game during his career.

Sheffield received 40% of the vote, while Scott Rolen received 52%. Do you still think the process isn't woefully broken? Scott Rolen, on his best day, isn't worthy of carrying Sheffield's jock strap from the bus, but he got 52% of the votes.

Rolen also received 3% more votes than Omar Visquel. Dismal embarrassment.

Not even half of these bozos voted for Visquel, despite the fact that he was the best shortstop in baseball for over half of his career.

Total nonsense on every level. The process is broken and it's broken badly. Maybe it's time to just eliminate the Hall of Fame altogether. It's obviously no longer a representation of the best to ever play the game.

Let's take a bulldozer to Cooperstown and just level the property. Put in a Dunkin and a Hannaford and call it a day. The Hall of Lame isn't worthy of our attention going forward.

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