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I'm Just Not Much Into Sports in 2020

When it

comes to sports I'm a traditional guy who is not big on change. For example, I think the Red Sox should only wear the white uniforms at home.

I get irritated when they add playoff teams in any sport.

I am still mad as a wet hornet about the March Madness "play in" games.

"Leave well enough alone!" is what cranky middle aged me says.

So needless to say 2020 has been a hard year for me to really embrace sports. I just really don’t find much of anything that’s happened legit and not asterisk worthy.

Lakers win an NBA championship in late summer after taking 3 1/2 months off and playing in front of no fans? Doesn’t count.

Pretty much the same with the World Series. 60 game regular season and no fans? Dodgers can have that one. Illegitimate.

College football is a mess. They may let Ohio State into the college football playoffs with about half the games they should’ve played. Fraudulent.

The NFL feels the closest to normal but if the Patriots have to be bad for one year it might as be the one year that we all want to forget.

So while I don’t have an objection to the University of Maine teams starting winter sports this week, I have to say "I don’t much care." The seasons have started late and it would certainly appear that the winter sports teams may not get any home games in Orono. I just don’t like the chaos and randomness.

I am in no way saying they shouldn’t play. D-1 athletes work hard year-round so they should take advantage of whatever opportunity they are presented. I hope all Black Bears stay healthy and can have the most regular of irregular seasons. But I won’t give much credit or assign much blame no matter what happens.

I kind of feel the same way about high school basketball this winter. It’s a season that just won’t count in the history books. No tournament. No gold balls.

Even if a Class D school beats a Class A school, historically there’s just not much significance. But again I have no problem with them paying playing because I think it’s good for the high school students to have something to do during an awful pandemic in a long Maine winter. Mental health is important. I just don’t see the point in reporting scores in the paper.

The 2020 sports experience this year is like going to a movie and having no sound. Or tuning in for the Dukes of Hazzard only to learn they replaced Bo and Luke Duke with other actors.

It's not traditional and I don't much care for it.


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