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I have Tom Brady's cell number

I sat down intending to write about why there should be a movie chronicling the life of Tom Brady.

We may be too close to the subject right now, but a few years down the road the tale of Tommy will be told. And it just may be the greatest American sports story of all time.

But then as I Googled “Tom Brady“ to pull a little extra background information from the well respected source known as Wikipedia, I stumbled upon a Tom Brady personal Tweet from a couple of weeks ago. You can see the image of it above.

Here's his Twitter link. In this short video TB 12 shares his cell phone number with his followers.

Yes I know it’s unlikely that a 7 time Super Bowl champ just shared his personal cell phone number with millions of followers. Perhaps this is an old number that calls the cell phone he destroyed during Deflategate? I don’t know. Nonetheless I entered it into my phone and promptly texted the GOAT.

I wrote him a nice, polite text wishing he and his family a “Happy Easter” and asked him who he thought should play him in the movie.

I pointed out I think Chris Pratt is a no-brainer. Although Matt Damon would be pretty darn good too. Albeit a bit short.

I fired off the text and entered his cell number into my contacts. And I got a reply!

Ok. Truthfully it was an automated response letting me know that from time to time Brady himself would be sending me a text message.

Now I know there’s a very small chance Tom actually drops me a note to tell me he agrees with my Chris Pratt take. I suspect I’m about to receive an occasional marketing message from his company suggesting I buy his pajamas or eat his new line of kale flavored ice cream.

Or maybe he will appreciate the fact that I have remained loyal to him even after he jumped overboard in New England and climbed back aboard that pirate ship in Tampa and he and I will chat.

If nothing else it looks pretty cool to have “Tom Brady” in my contacts. Prior to adding Brady, Tim Throckmorton probably was the most famous person to whom I had digits. (Lee Goldberg is going to say it’s him.)

I'll let you if Tommy hits me up anytime soon. Either way I could use some new pajamas.


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