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Fourth and Goal with The Bam

As the spring football season at UMaine winds to a close, it's beyond time for someone to make a very easy decision: Allow as many fans into the last home game as permissible.

I am simply dumbfounded that the University hasn't been allowing fans into Alfond Stadium to this point, even though the state has graciously allowed them to do so.

Maine is so far behind the rest of the country on this issue it's laughable. Given the permissible attendance limits, it's nearly impossible for UMaine to even come close to breaking those attendance levels on a good day given the fair weather nature of the fan base.

Baseball has not been charging admission for a few years and still nobody can be bothered to go. This year the Black Bears have perhaps their best team in a decade. With little to no argument, they have the best pitcher in New England in Nick Sinacola. People need to get out of the house and go see this team and the University needs to allow that to happen! No Brainah!


It was disappointing to see the UMaine women not get the conference championship this year. As a softening of the blow, Stony Brook hat beat the Black Bears but got eviscerated in the tournament by Arizona, the national runner up.


The best part of the women's NCAA tournament thus far has been the elimination of Baylor and their hypocrite coach Kim Mulkey. Before the tournament, back in January, she was moaning and whining about having a tournament at all because , as she put it, " it's all about the money". Yeah genius, it IS all about the money. It's about the money that the Men’s tournament generates that allows the NCAA to cover the losses that the women's tournament generates.

Then, after her team was unceremoniously bounced from the tournament she called for the elimination of all COVID testing of players at the Final 4.

So, now you don't care about the health and well being of the players like you did in January? What a joke. She is a relic and her time for retirement has long past come due.


When will someone in the league office of Major League Baseball, specifically whomever is responsible for creating the schedule, grow a brain and have some concept of geography and spring weather?

There are more than enough domes and warm weather sites in the league to avoid having games played in snow and temperatures in the 30s. The level of absurdity that goes into these decisions is off the chart. Looked pretty cold at Fenway this past weekend. And the Sox bats were clearly in hibernation.

If there had been more fans there they would have looked like Jack in the shining.

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