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Fourth and Goal with The Bam

Happy New year and welcome to 2021!! My one and only resolution is the same as it was last year: Be less nice.

2021 is only 3 weeks old, but we have already learned some very important things. Ohio St football is overrated, along with the entire Big 10 for that matter. The Pittsburgh Steelers are and were the biggest paper tiger of all of 2020. Nothing made me happier so far this year than watching them get run ruled off their own field in a playoff game. Politicians on the state level are basically clueless. Here in Oklahoma, a state legislator recently announced he is introducing a bill to establish a Big Foot Hunting season. In a generational pandemic and economic strife, this is what one of our legislators thinks is important. Is there a vaccine to help common sense anywhere out there? In Maine, the powers that be can't seem to use enough common sense to establish legal sports betting and reap millions in revenue rewards. But there is a 9pm curfew? A recent trip to Vegas proved once and for all, that if you are careful, if you follow protocols, then you can live life safely. Can you believe in Vegas they let you stay out past your bedtime? Shocking I know. Hopefully 2021 will bring some common sense to the policy makers. I am about to attend a Dallas Stars hockey game. But fans are not allowed to attend a Dallas Mavericks basketball game, in the same building! This is the type of garbage decision making that is stopping us from moving forward. Common sense isn't all that common. Policy makers have social distanced themselves from logical thinking well beyond the 6 foot recommendation.

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