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Dear Santa...

Forget turtle doves, milking maids and especially piping pipers. What I need for Christmas is for the happy old fat guy to hook me up with some good stuff this year.

As a lifelong New England and Malne sports fan, there are some big things that I want. Whip those reindeer and here we go!

Please can the the Boston Celtics truly be a title contender soon. Lets flash back to Sunday, June 8, 1986. The Big 3 whoop Houston for banner #16. But only one time since that date have the Boston Celtics won an NBA finals. That's alot of Christmas holidays with no trophy.

There have been ups and downs. 13 losing seasons. A title in 2008. They lost in the Finals in a series they should have won in 2010. But for the last decade or so they’ve been more of a tease than a bartender dressed in a sexy Santa outfit. Time for Danny Ainge to solidify the starting five, round out the bench and help Brad Stevens get this team to a championship level.

Baby It's cold outside, but I hope we are in a position to allow fans to watch UMaine football in person if they do indeed play some home games in Orono in March. The program has been around more than 100 years and to the best of my knowledge they have never played games that count in the spring. After the long winter and longer pandemic, fans should be ready to sit in the cold and watch some football.

Please give me a Tampa Bay Bucs home playoff game on January 16. I’ll be in the area and I have a hook up on tickets. Sure the Patriots are not gonna sniff the playoffs so I might as well see TB 12 in action again.

I know this one is going to make me sound like the Grinch. Heck I’m starting to look a little bit like him as I gain girth around my waist line anyway. But I think all Whoville residents will be perfectly happy to see the gift of a new UMaine men’s hockey coach under the tree.

Look I don’t want Red to get run over by a reindeer. But can't he just become a ghost of losing seasons past?

Go ahead and throw coal at me. But with the upgraded facilities coming it’s imperative to have the right person at the helm to get the team back to relevance in the conference and hopefully eventually on the national level. A new coach could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Last but not least, do you believe in miracles? Because I’m about ask for one of the Christmas variety.

I’d love some kind of miracle that would allow high school kids to play some kind of winter and spring sports season here in Maine.

I know this is almost impossible but didn’t that Timmy kid even get healthy at the end of the movie? Let’s pull off a miracle to help high school athletes at least have a little bit of normalcy in their athletic lives.

I mean even Chevy Chase got the Christmas bonus in the end. If I need to kidnap someone to help high school kids play, I’ll do it.

Merry Christmas!


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