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Cue The Mission Impossible Music

Let's hope that UMaine Athletic Director Ken Ralph is on a mission......

That's a cool and famous scene from the first Mission Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise. He’s hovering a few inches above the floor, suspended from some wires coming down through an opening in the ceiling. It’s a high tech covert operation with no room for error. Now imagine the office is that of Ken Ralph, Athletic Administrator for the Black Bears at the University of Maine. And the mission that Tom Cruise‘s character Ethan Hunt has accepted is to retrieve the list of names that Mr. Ralph has put together as he prepares to replace Red Gendron. Because certainly after seven plus years of embarrassing mediocrity and an abundance of losses, including zero success in the postseason, Mr. Ralph must be looking ahead to the end of this season and the coach of the future. It may be an impossible mission to restore Maine hockey to the glory days. But certainly there has to be a capable candidate somewhere in the United States or Canada who will once again recruit talented players and mold them into a winning program. The Black Bears are 1-4-1 this season. Their only win came against Vermont who is also a bottom feeder these days. Gendron is 101-131-31 in his eight seasons. He is 61-83-20 in Hockey East regular-season games and a humiliating 4-12 in league playoff contests. With the upgrade in hockey facilities coming it’s imperative that UMaine has the right head coach and staff in place. Starting a search at the end of the season doesn’t make any sense. So we circle back to the top secret list that Ethan is going to try to steal for us. No one will ever admit it exists, least of all Ken Ralph. But it does. At least it should. This blog will self destruct in five seconds. -SOLARI

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