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Crazy Fan Sneaks Into Fenway Park

Sunday in the Sox/Yankees game there was a fan delay, which in this 2020 coronavirus MLB season seemed impossible because fans are not allowed in the ballpark.

In the top of the eighth inning a man dressed in a Red Sox wind shirt climbed over the wall behind centerfield and down onto the platform where the television cameras were perched.

He began yelling and tossed a hat and another unidentified object onto the field as players in both dugouts and on the field stopped to watch. Yelling “Boston loves New York. Remember 9/11. Boston Marathon!” among other things, the fan climbed over the safety rail and out to the edge of the perch, where he did pushups and then briefly dangled off the edge as he evaded security.

Police arrived and they convinced the man to come with them as they escorted him off the platform.

Fans have not been allowed in ballparks this season because of concerns about coronavirus spread.

-Daily News

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