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Coach Bill declines award from Trump

Even during an unprecedented run of six Super Bowl championships in the 21st century, Bill Belichick has made some questionable decisions as New England Patriots' head coach.

Benching Malcom Butler in Super Bowl LII comes to mind. The Hoodie's roster-building, in particular offensively, has been shaky the last couple years, and the deficinces at the wide receiver and tight end positions blew up in his face in 2020 with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

But Belichick's spurning of President Donald Trump has to be, in this writer's mind, the best decision he's ever made.

The outgoing and disgraced President had planned on bestowing the Patriots' coach the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country's top award for any civilian, but Belichick announced Tuesday he would not be accepting it in the wake of last week's horrific events at the U.S. Capitol.

In a statement, Belichick cited the riots and his Patriots' work towards social justice issues, ending his statement with "Above all, I am an American citizen with great reverence for our nation's values, freedom and democracy."

After the disgusting act that violent mob of Trump supporters committed last Wednesday in Washington, this was a no-brainer for Belichick.

And not just from a political standpoint.

Many of Belichick's players, including captain Devin McCourty, have been very outspoken of social justice issues.

Belichick's going to Washington would've alienated his locker room.

Let's also remember that the Patriots have over $58 million in salary cap space. Do you think potential free agents would have wanted to come to Foxboro if Belichick was palling around with Trump? That's a big resounding no.

For once, Belichick made the right decision. The last thing he needs to do coming off a 7-9 season with arguably the worst group of receivers and tight ends in the NFL is shaking hands with a President who is on the verge of being impeached for the second time.

Belichick put his team and his country above politics. Even though 7-9 and no playoffs is unacceptable around here, going to the Nation's Capital to see Trump after the terror attack on the Capitol Building would've been borderline unforgivable.

Time for the Hoodie to focus on the draft and free agency and improve his offense.

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