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Tom Brady loves pass catching running backs and with Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette, he doesn’t have one in Bruce Arians/Byron Leftwich’s offense.

Brady has looked on in disbelief as Jones has dropped more balls in most games than James White dropped in 5 years. James White is going to be a free agent this off season and I could certainly see Brady requesting Mr. White’s presence in Tampa.

I thought of something on Sunday as Tom Brady & Co. were playing and the Patriots were not, January is going to be much the same. The Patriots are going to miss the playoffs and Tom is going to play football in January like he always does. For the fanbase of New England, it’ll be fascinating to see how Patriots fans treat January, this could be the moment that even the most ardent Patriots fans jump ship (the pirate ship at Raymond James to be specific). Also, with the holidays approaching, there could be more pewter and brick red Tampa gear appearing across the region than I’m comfortable with.

Last Thursday night’s loss to the Rams cast a bright light on the limitations on the Patriots’ offense with Cam Newton under center. The Patriots are going to have a new starting quarterback next season, while rumors will run rampant of names like Matthew Stafford, Sam Darnold and Jimmy Garoppolo, I think ultimately what happens is that next season is Jarrett Stidham’s audition as the starter. With that, could the Patriots draft a quarterback as well? I’d say the chances of them drafting a passer is almost a certainty, how high they draft that player will be most telling.

I already dread the moment that one of these young quarterbacks fall to where New England picks and the outrage from Patriots fans because Bill doesn’t draft Trey Lance from North Dakota St, who most people haven’t seen take one snap this season. I’ve watched more college football this season than ever before, and I haven’t caught one of his games on tv this year. But Patriots fans will go nuts if the Patriots don’t take him if given the chance because Mel Kiper, Jr. puts down the pumpkin pie and says he’s the future of the NFL. (Mel Kiper, Jr, LOVES pumpkin pie.)

Want a bright side to Cam Newton’s tenure in New England? Last week there were rumors of Josh McDaniels being a hot head coaching candidate, but with the restrictions that Newton creates, I believe teams with an HC vacancy will look elsewhere. McDaniels isn’t the pretty girl at the dance anymore. Ironically one who could be passing McDaniels on the dance card is former Patriots/Alabama coordinator Brian Daboll, who is currently generating buzz calling plays for Josh Allen in Buffalo.

With the Patriots all but out of the playoff hunt (oh sure, we’re still on the graphic, but we’re clinging for life on the bottom of that graphics). Here are some storylines worth watching the final 3 games of 2020.

What do the Patriots look like in South Beach without Tom Brady? Sun Life/Pro Player/Joe Robbie/Land Shark/Hard Rock Stadium was a house of horrors for Brady, what happens now? The Dolphins are having their best season in years and this will be the Patriots first match up against Tua Tagovailoa. (Think of this, the Patriots who for 20 years feasted on horrible AFC East quarterbacks, could be facing Josh Allen, Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence for the next 10-20 years. YIKES.)

Patriots vs Bills in Foxoboro, week 16 in a rematch of last year’s Saturday night classic in week 16 will look radically different but the Patriots could I don’t know, determine if the Bills are the 2 seed or 3 seed in the AFC? Could be a good game, could be the official changing of the guard in the AFC East.

Week 17 vs the Jets. The Jets will likely be 0-15. If you don’t think that Bill Belichick will do everything in his powers to hang a winless season on the Jets organization, then you haven’t been following Pats/Jets relations the last quarter century.

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