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Can we please top the Brady vs. Bill argument?

Can we please stop with the Brady versus Belichick argument. No seriously, I’m asking nicely.

It is 100% certain that the success of more than two decades could not possibly have happened without ……… All of the pieces. Bill is not Bill without Tom. Tom is not Tom without Bill. None of them are likely anywhere without Robert Kraft. And so on and so on.... I have never really understood the value of trying to figure out who was more important, Tom or Bill. Who cares? Together they brought unprecedented and unparalleled success to the region, the likes of which will never be repeated in team sports. I understand sports fans have been bored, pandemic at all, but why can’t we root for the Patriots and still root for Tom Brady? Why do you have to pick a side? Why do they have to be mutually exclusive? There are so many different variables that go into every single game. Every season. Each championship. If Tyree does not make a crazy catch, they win one more Super Bowl. If Pete Carroll decides to run the ball, they lose one more Super Bowl. If Vinatieri wasn’t the most clutch kicker in NFL history. The list is long. Even yesterday‘s game against Green Bay was a great example. Tom was terrific in the first half. Three touchdowns, fountain of youth, laser focused. Then in the second half, three horrible interceptions that should have cost his team the game. But his defense saved him. Team sport. Team win. I might be a little jaded because of my personal experiences with Tom and his family over the last two decades. But I’m rooting for the man. And I’m rooting for his team. I’m a diehard Patriots fan. And it’s OK to be all of those.

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