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Am Old Fashioned Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

2020 sure has been a challenge, and I don't just mean because we haven't been able to get out to the tree nursery to get a nice Christmas card photo like we have in past years.

So instead we decided to send a letter to update you on everything that's happened in our Boston Sports family this year.

Tommy and Rob moved to Florida this year to work for Uncle Bruce. It was hard for us to see them go, but they're enjoying the warm weather. Tom's friend Antonio, (you remember him, he stopped by last year for a week or so when he was between jobs) is living with him down there. Tom says he's doing great on the new pirate team he joined.

It's been a challenge since Tom left, Cam has tried to fit in, his outfits are always creative and unique but his play has taken a lot of getting used to. I'm not sure he's going to stay but we wish him well. We're going to take vacation in January, which will be a change for us but frankly we could probably use the break.

The Red Sox got to play some games this year, sort of. The pitchers just didn't bloom and the farm had a rough year too. We're hoping that Chris and Eduardo will be back next summer. Xander and Raffy are excited to have Alex back.

It was nice to have Grampie Ron in charge for a bit, but I think even 60 games was just too much for him. Jackie is still deciding what he wants to do next year. Maybe he'll join Mookie in Los Angeles. I hear he won a World Series for his baseball team. Good for him, I'm still not completely sure why he moved to California but he wanted to explore the world.

The Celtics lived in a bubble. Boy. It went pretty well and they wanted to stay and play moores, but the Heat said moops, so very sorry, it was the moops. ( Come on, thats a classic Seinfeld) Alls probably well that ends well, a Celtics-Lakers Finals played in an abandoned Dave & Busters wouldn't have felt right.

The Bruins played good hockey (I think) and should play good hockey this year (next year? I'm really lost on the seasons to be honest with you. I assume this is what it's like to live in Arizona.) Zdeno is still plugging along, you know him.

It hasn't been the best year, but one thing is for certain we sure miss having fans in the stands. While the losses have piled up on and off the field, we hope we can get back to normal: full houses at Fenway, Gillette and the Garden, winning championships and MVPs staying in town.

Do your job, Go Sox, the Celtics are the balls and have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season,


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