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A New Holiday Tradition

I don’t want to get into the seasonal social media debate over whether Diehard is a Christmas movie or not.

However there can be no debate that Diehard is one of the all time great action films ever made. I will readily watch this flick any day of the year.

But now a viewing might be a new Christmas tradition for me.

That’s because this weekend I went to see Diehard on the big screen. Yes, the original, unedited version in a theater with reclining seats, and loud surround sound. How did the experience make me feel? "Yippie Ki Yay ….. " Well you know the rest.

And since most Christmas movies blow, except Elf, I am happy to call Diehard a holiday flick. It has the elements. It take place on Christmas Eve. There’s lots of Christmas music. And it has a sappy happy ending. Diehard really is the gift that keeps on giving even three decades after it was released.

And since this is a sports blog I can even connect Bruce Willis and Tom Brady. The studio did not want Bruce Willis to star in Diehard as he was an unproven box office draw. But that performance launched him to super stardom.

Just as a skinny and slow second year player named Tom Brady was not supposed to lead the Pats to a Super Bowl win in February 2002. Bruce dumped Hans Gruber from the 30th story (“Happy Trails Hans") while TB 12 and company grounded the greatest show on Turf which had been terrorizing the NFL all season.

So now you know that at least one day in December annually you’ll find me watching Diehard. And just maybe I’ll start another tradition and dig out my 3 Games to Glory box set and watch Superbowl XXXVI.

Maybe I’ll even head to MDI to do it so I can say "Come Out To The Coast, We'll Get Together, Have A Few Laughs…”


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