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Time To Take One For The Team

No pain, no gain, right?

Certainly applies to athletes. Back in the day (September of 1976, to be precise) I thought I would take a shot at running cross-country for the esteemed Orono Red Riot team.

Sure, I did some training during the summer months leading-up to the start of the season when we returned to school. But did I take it seriously? Nah, not really. Consequences? Yep.

First week of running just about did me in. Painful stuff. But, we know how it goes, right? No pain, no gain. I never did have much success with cross country, but the painful training did benefit me personally, and more importantly, we running chums who committed to the painful training running alongside each other benefitted the team in the long run big-time.

And here we are, 44 freakin’ years later, with another September upon us. We are being asked to do something uncomfortable for the team. We are being asked to….wear masks. Pleasant? No. Painful? Not really. But witnessing the debate/arguments about wearing them is definitely painful.

Here’s the thing people: it may be you are totally on-board with wearing masks because you trust what federal and state CDC officials are teaching us-that wearing masks reduces the spread of Covid, and by wearing them we keep each other healthier, and that by donning masks we will be able to fully open our businesses, schools and churches sooner than later.

Or, it may be that for whatever reason, you believe that wearing a mask is unnecessary, and may even propose that the mask-thing is some sort of hoax promoted by the people on the other side of your political fence.

But listen, even if you don’t think wearing a mask makes much difference, why not take one for the benefit of the team? My wife, my kids, my grandchildren, my parents, and the rest of humankind are on the team, and they are worth your doubting and discomfort.

Wherever you find yourself on this issue, and I gotta say, especially if you believe wearing a mask is too painful for you, suck it up and put the damn mask on. No pain, no gain, right?

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