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Hate Mail For Solari Based on The Above MPA Article

"They can make adjustments and give these kids a high school season. The impact of not letting kids play is much more detrimental than this virus ever could be. We all now know where you stand with this. I bet you wear a mask in your car." - Regina

Solari note: Ha! I don’t. But I do laugh at those people too!

“What load of b.s. Your arrogance shows in the column. MPA panel of Dr. that came up with guidelines must not know where there brains are. You obviously smarter then they are.” Shawn

Solari Note: It was a panel of educators. Not medical docs.

"If you ever forget how pretentious and self centered sports personalities can be, luckily this guys is here to remind you. A week ago, his article was "i know so much about sports, i guarantee there wont be football" now its "i know more than the doctors” Matthew

Solari note: “I know that I should be I and not i.”

“i cant believe what a little whinny sap you are Solari!” Wayne

Solari note: Sometimes it frightens me too.

“Jeff Solari, go back in your hole.” Tom

Solari note: Soon I can hide in my snowbank.

“Why would you post this foolishness it’s none of your business you just want to cause hate and divide go get a new job this is not the job for you" jerry

Solari note: Maybe I’ll get into politics.

“Jeff Solaris is a assclown” Rob

Solari note: Should read “Jeff Solari is an ass clown.”

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