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Real Fans "Ink it in"

Not that many years ago if you had a tattoo, either you served in the Navy or probably drove one kick ass motorcycle.

That’s simply not the case today as a huge percentage of Americans have at least one tattoo somewhere on their body. One estimate I saw was 36% of adults under the age of 54 have at least one.

It’s also becoming increasingly common for fans to show their undying support for their favorite team with some ink.

Sometimes fans jump the gun and make what turns out to be a lifelong mistake.

Many are truly works of art as you see in these photos. Some super fans spend dozens of hours and thousands of dollars.

Check out the Yankees fan for example. Talk about a tramp stamp!

I wonder if he overpaid for that tattoo as much as the Yankees have overpaid for their one championship these past 20 years?

I have seriously considered getting the 28-3 score box done somewhere on me. That game taught us a valuable lesson: don’t ever give up.

Do you have a sports tattoo? Would you get one? SOLARI

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