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MLB Problems Don't Bode Well for NFL Games This Fall

Ppd.... ppd....ppd....

Those letters are all too frequently replacing box scores right now in Major League Baseball.

Despite the best of intentions, MLB has serious problem on its hands and it will only likely get worse. It could also be a precursor to what the NFL is likely to encounter.

The NBA has the luxury of the “bubble”. That league is controlling it’s own environment, everybody coming in, everybody going out, and that has led to zero positive tests.

The NHL does not have a bubble, but it is still controlling its environment as effectively as possible by having two host cities.

MLB is lacking the ability to control its players, and all the travel is conducive to more positive tests, which will lead to more postponements.

I want to sit down and watch a game like the next person, but this season is a joke. Not just because of the players who are not playing, but because of the teams having games postponed, and the lack of ability for teams to end up playing a full 60 games.

Not sure what the answer is. But this was starting off as a facsimile of major-league baseball, and now it’s even less than that. And about to get worse.

If these are the players that can spread out and be away from each other, what will it be like for football? I’m scared we will not like that answer.

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