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The Good and Bad of the Return of MLB

Baseball is back and I am fired up! So many great games already. Tons of TV coverage. It's unfortunate it took so long for them to get MLB up and going, but now it's here and it's awesome!

Well, awesome with some glaring weaknesses.

No fans in any ballpark is just beyond silly. Hard to believe nobody in MLB or the states that host games was smart enough to come up with a safe and socially distanced crowd plan of some sort?

Instead we get cardboard cutouts of dogs, former presidents, hockey players and any other egregious gimmick you can think of for 50 bucks. Ugh.

Another misstep is by ESPN. For a couple of games they have had Arod, who is one of the best, and Matt Vascursian in the studio, sitting together broadcasting the games. Flawless.

For other games they decided to put announcers in 3 different places and use Skype or Zoom to call the game. Simply horrible. Everyone is constantly talking over one another. Reminds me of eating dinner with the my mini-Bams. No flow to the broadcast. Occasional delays in audio. Just ridiculous.

If you aren't going to put guys together in a room to broadcast the game, then just take the local TV feed and broadcast it that way. With the local announcers who are at the game and who won't step all over one another the entire game.

Another ESPN blunder is during a Zoom broadcast, they have decided that interviewing players from other teams not playing in that game, via another zoom feed, is a good idea. Completely clunky.

The games themselves have been outstanding so far. It should be an epic 60 game sprint to the playoffs.

Hopefully the NHL and the NBA have similar success. The NHL should go smoothly as teams are basically quarantined in 2 separate cities for the duration of the playoffs. Should be some exciting hockey for sure. But again, nobody dared to come up with a sensible plan to safely allow some fans to be in the arenas. There's careful and then there is overkill. It's sad that nobody found a middle ground.

I am not as hopeful that the NBA will have success. They have everyone locked, allegedly, into a " bubble" in Orlando. Several players have already left the bubble for various personal reasons and there is, not really shockingly, already an investigation of a player going to a strip, errr, gentlemen's club. Just blatant irresponsibility and disrespect to the process of trying to put some legitimacy to a crazy season.

Here's hoping that in the coming months the NFL is learning from these other sports. It appears that the NFL has figured out some sort of a plan for fans to attend games, so they are already light years ahead of the other 3 sports. Hell, even NASCAR has figured out how to get fans in attendance. The rest of the summer and fall should be flush with great sports. It gives me great hope that college football can be next!

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