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Takes So Hot They Could Fry an Egg

No chance MLB gets to play the whole 60 game season and the playoffs. We are a mere three games in and already the Marlins have an outbreak and have cancelled their home opener.

The Governor of California might not allow any more games in the state. The “bubbles” the NBA and the NHL have created might work. But this MLB plan just won’t.


I know Mookie denied it last summer on WEEI, but I still think he didn't like playing in Boston. Maybe he didn’t hate it. But he sure didn’t love it. The Sox could have backed up the Brinks truck as they did for David Price. But how did that work out? It is a bummer for sure but Mookie just was not signing a nearly decade and a half deal to stay in New England.


Here are my top two ways to ruin a great day at the lake:

#1 Paddle boarding.

#2 Drowning.

Not sure which is less fun.


I think the crowd noise on MLB TV games actually works. Kind of. The constant murmur in the background really helps the broadcast. But the low “Let's go Red Sox” chants you hear once in awhile don’t really fit.


My favorite comedian right now is Jim Gaffigan. He is a riot. Very self deprecating about himself and his weight. I can relate to that.


With no actual games being played, let’s hope the people in power in UMaine Athletics are working on the Red Gendron replacement plan. His contract is up June 30, 2021. He’ll be 63 this fall. He has not had back to back winning seasons in his seven years as head coach.

His overall record for the once proud program is 100-126-30. Ugly. Apologists and the naive will point to this last season where Maine had 18 wins and would have hosted a Hockey East Playoff series. Thanks to Jeremy Swayman. For $213,000 a year they should be decent every few years. Actually we need to expect better. And we won’t get it from him.

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