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Cam will be the Pats starter

Scott Zolak. Glenn Ordway.

Two of Boston's biggest radio sports personalities delivered a similar hot take that sent shockwaves through Patriots Nation over the last week.

Both guys, the former of whom is the Pats' radio color guy, believe that the team's Week 1 starter will be Jarrett Stidham as opposed to former MVP Cam Newton.

Sorry gentlemen, but the 2020 Patriots belong to Newton unless he blows his knee out or Mo Lewis comes out of retirement and thumps him out of bounds.

Bill Belichick is a smart head coach, but he's not foolish enough to hand over the keys to the best modern-day sports dynasty to a second-year quarterback who has attempted four NFL passes, one of which was a Pick 6 in mop-up duty against the Jets.

Before you say, "but Tom Brady was in a similar situation," let's remember that in 2001, a lot of Patriots fans were tiresome of Drew Bledose's penchant for inopportune turnovers or taking sacks, so the Bledose injury and Brady getting his chance, we all know how that turned out.

I'm not suggesting Stidham isn't talented. He just needs more time.

As for Newton? He's healthy and has a chip on his shoulder and gives the Patriots' offense a dynamic that has never before been seen around here. He's already working with the receiving core. The Patriots still have a championship defense and a healthy offensive line. Assuming all 16 regular-season games will be played, the Patriots can undoubtedly win 12 games at the very least with Newton under center.

Will the Patriots be Newton's team beyond 2020? That remains to be seen. But in 2020, the keys to the offense are in Newton's hands.

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