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2020 is like a scene from Jaws

If I were more technically savvy I would put a caption on that pic from Jaws.

Easily that damn shark represents 2020 and you and I are like the Captain, kicking and battling our way through the year.

If you are a fan of the classic film you know this doesn’t end well for him. I’m hoping for a better outcome for us!

By today's standards Jaws is a legit thriller. But four decades ago those early scenes where a young lady, a dog and a child all get eaten… well that was unheard of and horrifying.

Movie goers didn’t know what they were in for when they took their seats in the theater. Just like all of us when we raised our glasses and welcomed in 2020 last New Years Eve.

We have been very fortunate here in Maine. We have a shark in our local waters. But not one the size of the Great White that terrorized Amity in Spielberg film.

As they closed the beaches in the movie, we have lost our sporting events. We’ll have no sports in Maine until late October at the earliest. And even then it might not be safe to go back into the water.

But hang in there. Just as the Police Chief and young scientist survive to paddle back to shore at the end of Jaws, we’ll be walking into a local gym, stadium, or ice arena someday.

Let’s just hope there aren’t any awful sequels to our story.

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