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More Proof There Will Be No Football in Maine This Year

Just in case you missed it when I wrote it three weeks ago, I’ll write it again. I take no pleasure in it. But it’s my job to provide the reality check others in the media wont give you.

There will be no college football in Maine this fall.

It gives me a little pit in my stomach to write it. But is is what it is. Might as well deal with it.

Last week the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) canceled its fall sports. Bowdoin College already had made that decision but now Bates and Colby won't be on the grid iron this fall either.

Its only a matter of time before MMA and Husson reach the same hard decision.

And within a week or so we’ll hear the same grim news out of the University of Maine.

“Because of the nature of having to bring players back early for preseason, we’re going to need some type of clarity in the next two weeks,” UMaine athletics director Ken Ralph told the Bangor Daily News last week. “Things are going to coalesce pretty quickly after the Ivy announcement.”

Nartionally the Ivy League also declared no fall sports. The Big 10 and Pac 10 say no non conference football games. I think they’ll try to play a conference scheudle. But with no fans on hand.

“Some larger schools are going to delay as long as possible. They have much more money at stake than we do,” Ralph said. “For us, our focus is always going to be on the safety of our students and the community.

“We’ll deal with the revenue issues later. We want to play but only if we can do it safely,” he added.

Unfortunately they can't. So they won’t be playing football this fall. At least not in Maine.

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