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Mahomes is the highest paid athlete. Ever.

Un-Freaking-Believable. The Kansas City Chiefs just agreed to pay Patrick Mahomes almost twice as much money as Tom Brady has earned in his entire career.

A half billion dollars.

Just pause and ponder that for a moment.

That’s 10 times what Dan Marino earned in his career.

Joe Montana only earned $25 million in his amazing career. Mahomes will earn that by week 12 this season. That's because at $44 million a season, that breaks down to $2.7 million a game.

Tom Brady made $74.1M his first 10 years. Patrick Mahomes could make $266.3M in his first 10 years. So Mahomes will make approx 359% more than Brady did through his 10th season. Damn.

Mahomes contract value including two years remaining: $477.6M. Tom Brady & Drew Brees combined career earnings: $479.9M.

The average NFL game is played in about 3 hours. For Sir Patrick that’s $916,666 an hour of game time. Of course the defense is on the field for half of that time which makes it an even better deal.

The median income in Bangor is around $50,000 annually. Mr. Mahomes will make 880 times that this year.

A half billion dollars. Robert Kraft built Gillette Stadium for $325 million.

500,000,000 is higher than the Gross Domestic Product of seven of the world’s nations.

The NHL salary cap is around $80 million. Mahomes would eat up more than half of that himself.

The entire Baltimore Orioles roster is only earning $58 million this year. Actually Mahomes is probably a steal compared to having to pay those guys.

They say money doesn't buy happiness. Let's see if it buys titles.

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