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I LOVE the Mahomes signing

Mike Played 9 seasons in the NFL including with the Chiefs from 2013-2015.

As a defensive player, I’ve dreamed about what it must be like to take the field with a QB like Mahomes—to go out on defense and basically play worry free, knowing that regardless of how well (or poorly) you play as a unit, chances are really good that you will win the game.

That’s how good Mahomes is and the Chiefs know it. That’s why they signed him to a contract so large that there are almost certainly going to be seasons where it’s hard to have any other large transactions on the roster.

Take the 2020 season for example, where the salary cap is approximately 200 million. If we assume Mahomes’s contract is paid out evenly over the course of the next 10 years, one quarter of this year’s salary cap is being paid to one player. So Veach and Reid will need to figure out how to compensate the other 51 players on the roster with only three quarters of the salary cap to do it.

Obviously, depending on how the contract is structured, some years will be easier to do that than others. Either way, again, HE IS THAT GOOD! And Brett Veach and Andy Reid are fantastic at building rosters and manipulating the cap.

I’m 100% behind this move. The Chiefs, for all intents and purposes, have made Mahomes (the face of the NFL with the potential to go down as the greatest player to ever play the game) a Chief for life. Those boys are going to need to start attaching extra fingers to their hands because if Mahomes stays healthy, they have the potential to win the Superbowl every year, regardless of who else is on the roster.

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