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A Tale of Two QB's: Mahomes and Cam

Yes sir, the cotton that Kansas City Chiefs fans are walking in right now is pretty tall: the confetti just stopped falling on their Super Bowl victory (you remember, that one sporting event that happened this godforsaken year) and now their MVP quarterback is locked up for 3 more presidential terms.

Why the sculptors used by the lords of the Pro Football Hall of Fame might as well ask Mr. Mahomes if he wants his current hair style on his bust, take his measurements for his gold jacket and ask if he prefers “Patrick” or “Pat”?

There’s just no stopping this train, arguably the most talented quarterback in his first 3 seasons in the NFL is set to scorch the earth of the NFL until 2031. Patriot’s fans, the run has been great, but #15, the son of a baseball player of all-things will take it from here.

Patrick Mahomes in now in the pantheon of quarterbacks who signed the league’s richest deals, a club more elusive than the Saturday Night Live “5-Timers Club”.

I mean take a look at the players who have held the mantle of “highest paid player in the league” over the last 10 seasons, names like Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, Carson Palmer, Derek Carr, Sam Bradford, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins and Cam Newton.

Combined, that group has won 3 Super Bowls. Why, Patrick Mahomes will have twice that many before the second half of his deal kicks in! Which is probably right about the time that the Hunt’s will decide to rename Arrowhead Stadium after him.

That’s about exactly when I’d renegotiate this deal anyway because by 2026, there might be another quarterback (a far inferior passer obviously) who might be inside the same tax bracket as Mahomes and for such a sure thing, you cannot have that.

Meanwhile, in other NFL news, the New England Patriots signed a quarterback for under a million dollars to compete for the starting job with Brian Hoyer. Not much is expected of Cam Newton, but once upon a time there was. But hell, that was 5-years ago. Might as well have happened before the polio vaccine.

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