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The Return of Pro Sports Is Absurd

Pro sports is allegedly on the cusp of returning. Returning in various forms of gimmickry, ridiculousness and absurdity that is.

The NBA continues, in my eyes , to be the biggest joke of them all. They are picking a state with the highest daily rate of Corona cases in the country and putting 22 teams all in one city. Then, once they have them in that city, or bubble as they call it, mandating that they not leave it.

Good luck with that.

After all pro athletes historically have been so good at following simple rules, this should be a piece of cake.

Their format is clownish. An 8 game " sprint" to the finish, then playoffs? This circus won't conclude until the time the 2020 -2021 season is supposed to start.

So what becomes of next season? The NBA should have just taken the top 8 teams in the entire league, by record, started a playoff format and called it good. Whomever wins the " title" won't be viewed as legitimate due to this nonsense anyway, so what difference does the format make.

The same could be said for the NHL. It won't be legitimate, but at least the NHL is a little less egregious than the NBA. The NHL plans to go straight to the playoffs and use 2 cities to host games. I only have a few issues with that. All of the cities mentioned as hosts are in the western half of North America. Theres not a single city that could be considered " East" by he weakest minded geography person.

There are multiple reports that due to high numbers of positive Covid 19 tests, a lot of players do not want to even start up again. An unidentified player was adamant that there be a player vote on whether or not to return. This is a clear indication there is a substantial amount of guys who aren't comfortable with playing again this season.

The NHL owners and commissioner could be headed for a big fight with the players as they attempt to move forward.

So, I recommend , again, scrap 2020 and focus energy on what needs to be done to start next year on time.

Finally we come to baseball. The crown jewel of all sports in my opinion. A league that could have easily gotten started over a month ago, but due to lack of leadership in the Commissioners office, they took an extra month to finally figure it out.

Even now they haven't really figured it out. Somehow, inexplicably, starting the season now includes a universal DH . Why did starting the season have to require this rule change?

Then, the absolute worst decision in the history of baseball becomes part of the season. Extra inning games will begin the 10th inning with a runner on second base. Are you serious right now? Why on earth does starting a season at the end of July have to include a backwoods 8 year old little league rule?

This is without a doubt the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed in 50 years of watching baseball. It's just a stupid gimmick to further push the commissioners agenda on shortening the game. As if the moronic rule of pitchers having to face a minimum of 3 batters wasn't bad enough, now comes this!

Why does Rob Manfred continue to try and fix something that simply isn't broken. Just mind numbing lunacy. At least baseball got the schedule right. Well, as right as they could. They will play a shortened season and finish at the usual date on the calendar. It will be an exciting product to watch as we march towards a potential college football season. Here is to hoping that every game goes 15 innings, just to watch the commissioners head explode.

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