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Too much time on my hands

I’m more than a bit worried these days. Yes, certainly about our country. However, lately my concern is for self preservation.

You see, I’m beginning to wonder just how messed up I was from the start. Without the wicked temptation of 24 hour sports access, my life has truly experienced a revelation. The “honey do” list has been completed. Heck, I even have time for projects I didn’t know needed to be done.

With no local games to attend, coach, referee or umpire, I feel as though I am withdrawing quicker than a scared turtle.I checked out Sportscenter the other afternoon and that’s basically the same drama we get on local news at 6 & 11. No thank you!!

The only sports action I have experienced, aside from a round or two of social distancing golf, is a little NASCAR & The Match II. As you know, even at those events, there are NO people. We need people and interaction!!

For me, it has been quite difficult and highly unusual with not sports in my life. Yes, there are some good things such as being a bit more productive around the house. However, between my personal beliefs and career responsibilities, I spend a significant amount of time and resource management toward problem solving. Like many of you, sports is my escape. Whether to take my mind of things for a moment or pretending what it would be like to have the life of Brady, those moments are what I would call a personal re-boot.

Without these moments, too often I can relate to that early 80’s Styx tune with the lyrics of “I feel like I’m sitting on a bar stool, talking like a damn fool and got the 12:00 o’clock (6:00 for me) new blues”. Some of us … many of us…. just have … Too Much Time on Our Hands!!!

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