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No sports? No worries. Garth is saving the day

Garth Brooks is the greatest musical act of all time. He’s sold more albums than everybody except the Beatles.

He’s the only act with 8 albums that were certified diamond (more than 10 million sold) and he once held a concert in Central Park that attracted roughly ONE MILLION PEOPLE.

Think about that, Garth had a concert that attracted a crowd, roughly the size of the entire population for the state of Maine.

Now, Troyal Garth Brooks (I always wondered what Troy was short for) is coming to Bangor to save our summer! (Sort of.)

Garth, King of the Box Set and innovator of avenues to make money, announced on Good Morning America last week that on June 27th he will be hosting a concert that will exclusively air at drive-in theaters across North America. $100 per vehicle, gets you into the field to watch a concert on a movie screen that is I guess happening live somewhere (rumors have been floated that it could originate from Gillette Stadium) and you can listen to it on your car radio.

Think pre-pay-per-view, when events like heavy weight title fights and WrestleMania were shown only on closed circuit at arenas and movie theaters across the country. Except this time, you don’t even have to get out of your car and you can bring your own food and cooler!

It sounds like a bit much when you consider that on my DVR right now is “Garth live at Yankee Stadium” and “Garth live at Notre Dame Stadium”, but I’ll but tickets to this show and won’t think twice about it. That is how starved we are for events, that as soon as I heard this idea I started searching for the best sound system to outfit from truck with. I’ll back my truck in, hell maybe we can tailgate before, during and after the concert? Drive-ins across the state are showing this concert, has anything bigger happened to cities like Farmington or Skowhegan? We all need something and this could be it.

2020 has been a year full of voids. We don’t have sports and we don’t have concerts and who has stepped up to fill that void? Garth Brooks and Michael Jordan. When no concerts can be held, Garth brought us a CBS special and invented drive-in concerts.

MJ has given us The Last Dance and appeared in a $3 million fishing tournament in North Carolina. Taylor Swift and Lebron James have given us nothing. The friends in low places are trying to save 2020.

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