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DEBATE: TB 12 is less Likable than BB

If you are a Patriots fan you love Tom Brady. You adore Bill Belichick. Me too.

We should be eternally grateful for the amount of pure joy, the number of wins, Super Bowl appearances, titles and success they have brought to us the past 20 years.

It has made your life better. You feel better about yourself. You feel proud of your team. And your region.

I love to wear my Patriots attire when I travel around the country. The more people glare at me and the more snide the comments, the happier I get.

Coast To coast the Patriots, Brady and Belichick are about as popular as tax audits, root canals and Dysentery. If you rank them I’m not even sure in what order they would finish against those competitors.

I get why people don’t like either man but especially TB 12. As a person he is actually pretty unlikable to the average male sports fan. To the average “guy“.

Heck, his nickname is TB 12.

He’s a pretty boy. He changes his hairstyles each season. He’s married to a super model. He never gives any kind of memorable quote. He tries to trademark things like "Tom Terrific.”

And how about those outfits he wears to those formal occasions? Holy!

He is not the kind of guy we typically admire New England. We fancy ourselves as blue-collar. Tough. We endure long winters. We like dirt dogs. Trot and Pedroia. The big bad Boston Bruins of old like Terry O’Reilly. Guys who will clean out Rambis on the way to the basket.

Brady is not one of those guys. And if he weren’t our guy, which he isn’t anymore, there are plenty of ways to find him to be hugely unlikable.

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