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DEBATE: Bill wears the black hat

By Sterling Pingree

Jeffery. It brings me no pleasure to announce that you are wrong yet again.

In the legal separation of Belichick, Bill vs. Brady, Thomas; the national hatred rests on the shoulders of the coach.

Belichick is the authority. He’s “The Man” that people have rebelled against since rebellion was a thing.

People feel that the New England Patriots are a corporate machine, with their robotic interviews and all that winning. They’re the most efficient football machine we’ve ever seen; more dominant than Landry’s Cowboys, longer lasting than Noll’s Steelers and more explosive than Lombardi’s Packers.

If people aren’t rooting for you, they’re rooting against you and Bill Belichick with all the cards close to his vest, the allegations of bending the rules and for being so singularly focused on winning football games doesn’t win popularity contests.

Fans of other cities hate Belichick more than Brady because people don’t hate Brady anymore. Brady crossed over, he’s become bigger than the game. Fans realize that they are watching the greatest player in NFL history every time he takes the field and there is a reverence for that.

But when the Patriots won Super Bowl LI with the 28-3 comeback against the Falcons, even the most pessimistic fan had to tip their cap that Brady was the best to ever do it. He leapt into the Michael Jordan stratosphere where they hover above the game as the face chiseled onto the Mount Rushmore of the 4 major sports. (Gretzky, Ruth, Jordan and Brady, for those keeping track at home.)

Belichick is viewed as the bigger villain, but I don’t think it’s going to last long. But for right now, people will root for his comeuppance, but people don’t boo nobodies.

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