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Who else can we pair with Tiger and Phil?

I loved The Match 2 with Tiger & Peyton vs Mickelson & Brady. Two sets of rivals on opposite teams, the best at what they do for the last 25 years, done and done. That’s great television.

However I got to thinking, who else would make for good television with Tiger and Phil?

Michael Jordan. Maybe it’s The Last Dance stupor I’ve been in the last 6 weeks, but I want to see Jordan in this environment of smack talk and side action. This sort of event is absolutely MADE for MJ. Jordan has played with Tiger for decades at this point and as much as Jordan likes to gamble on golf, there is no way that he and Mickelson haven’t crossed fairways a few million times.

The only question is, would Barkley be better as a participant or up in the booth? Barkley isn’t good enough to tee it up with Tiger, Phil & MJ without getting many, many, MANY strokes. Which if you think explaining golf to the casual fan is tough? Try teaching them about strokes and handicaps. Then you’ll see some eye rolls or maybe get stabbed.

Could you pair Tiger and MJ together? These might be the two most competitive people ever put on this planet, I feel the need to put MJ on Phil’s side, but the idea of Tiger and Jordan is just too good to ignore. So side one is Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan against Phil Mickelson and………. Lebron James!

Just kidding, don’t nobody want to see Lebron play golf. (Though can you imagine the smack talk coming from Jordan? They’d have to be running on a 30-second delay or air it after midnight.)

Mickelson’s partner would have to be Steph Curry. Curry’s a legit golfer, Mickelson’s from California (so is Tiger) so why not.

There you go, The Match 3: Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan vs Phil Mickelson and Steph Curry.

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