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The College Football season MUST happen

Fourth and Goal With The Bam

College football players should be two months away from hitting the practice field and getting ready for the upcoming season. Sadly, the current health crisis is potentially holding that up.

Of further concern is that even if there are games played, there might not be any fans in attendance. No football would be absolutely catastrophic. I know. I know. I can hear all of you now. Peoples health is more important than some football game. Save that rhetoric for someone who might want to hear it. I do not.

The public debate on health concerns can be saved for another platform.

On a large majority of college campuses, football pays the bills. Many big time football programs are self sufficient. This includes mega million dollar contracts for coaches and staff. No out of pocket expense to the university. Plus NCAA football programs routinely help fund several academic programs on their respective campuses.

Where do schools make up that funding if fans cant attend games? Higher tuition fees, which leads to more and more kids that might not get to go to college. Sad.

Several schools have already pulled the plug on "non revenue " sports due to the financial hit from the cancellation of the NCAA basketball tournament and spring sports, some of which actually do bring in revenue. These are sports like track and field, lacrosse and baseball at schools like Bowling Green, Furman and Central Michigan.

Without football in the fall and smaller schools getting big checks from the Power 5 opponents, athletic departments at universities are going to take a big hit and the only way out of that is to cut expenses by way of cutting sports like baseball and track.

This means lost jobs for coaches, trainers, other staff and lost opportunities for hundreds, if not thousands of student athletes who, without athletic scholarships, might not get to even go to college.

College football in the fall needs to be the lead engine in getting this country back on track and moving forward. It should not be phased in slowly. It needs to be a full go from Day 1. The future of thousands of students and their athletic and academic endeavors is hanging in the balance.

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