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Proposed MLB guidelines from 2020

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- Regular testing for players, umpires, coaches, managers and essential staff.

- The majority of tests will be saliva-based.

- Players will be tested upon arrival at spring training and then quarantined for 24-48 hours until the results are determined.

- Each club must maintain a designated testing area at each facility.

- Each individual will conduct daily self-checks at home, which will include thermometer readings.

- Before entering each facility each participant will undergo a temperature check while filling out an exposure questionnaire.

- Clubs will be allowed 50 players for spring training.

- Workouts will be staggered throughout the day to limit overcrowding.

- Communal water and sports drink coolers/jugs are prohibited. Only personal water or individually prepared sports drink bottles or contactless water dispensers with disposable cups or should be used.

- No spitting, using smokeless tobacco or sunflower seeds in restricted areas. Spitting is prohibited.

- Players/on-field personnel are encouraged to sanitize their hands after each half-inning.

- Lockers should be six feet apart.

- Showering at the facilities is discouraged.

- Hitters are encouraged to use batting gloves and batting practice pitchers should wear masks.

- Pitchers will use a personal set of baseballs when throwing bullpen sessions.

- Meals must be distributed in packaged/takeout form.

- There will be no exchange of lineup cards, with the lineups instead being logged into an app.

- Non-playing personnel must wear masks at all times.

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