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State of the G-Men, Post NFL draft

For the second year in a row the New York Giants found themselves drafting in the top five after a dismal 4-12 season. Certainly there are a plethora of reasons why this storied franchise continues to miss the playoffs, but I will only briefly discuss the offense and defense.

The offensive unit has promise: QB Daniel Jones had flashes of brilliance and Saquan Barkley has proven he is a top tier running back. The receiving corps is solid (when healthy).

The MAJOR problem is the offensive line. Second year guard Wil Hernandez had a good season but the rest of the O-Line was horrible. The Giants management paid WAY TOO MUCH (60 Million) for turnstile attendant Nate Solder. Management has failed to address O-Line concerns which is the foundation of the entire offense. Tight end play was non-existent last season. Certainly injuries played a role in this deficiency but you need to be more than one deep at this important position. If you look at the top 5 offenses last season all have solid tight end games.

The Defense was an absolute joke. It was clear to even the casual observer that if the Giants were to win a game last season they would have to score at least 35 points. The defensive line never had the ability to put pressure on opposing QB’s and their sack total was one of the worst in the league.

This put an enormous pressure on the secondary. QB’s generally get 3 to 4 seconds to throw the ball but the Giants front line was giving up 5 seconds routinely. No secondary in the league can defend when the QB has that kind of time.

The New York Giants begin the 2020 season with an entire new coaching staff. Little is know about new head coach Joe Judge. What we do know is that he is a disciple of Bill Belichick and was his special teams coach. Listening to his opening press conference he seems to be a very bright guy who is focused on fundamentals, blocking and tacking.

The draft process is a strange game for me. So much emphasis is placed on the first couple of rounds and yet only a handful of these player actually make the final roster or play for more than a couple of seasons. Undrafted free agents have as much of a chance to make teams as these high touted draft picks. One of the greatest winners of all time, Tom Brady, was drafted in the 199th position. With all that being said i will quickly look at what the Giants did in the 2020 draft.

Andrew Thomas T Georgia - All the talking heads were impressed with this pick. He is a Left Tackle and one of the best in college football. The Giants need O-Line help and certainly can use him protecting Daniel Jones blindside. I have friends who are rabid Georgia fans who love this guy and say his “motor never stops running”

Xavier McKinney S Alabama - One of the better safeties in college football. We absolutely need help at this position.

Matt Peart T UCONN - People love this pick. The word is this guy is tough as nails and is very competitive. Again we need O-Line help

Shane Lemieux G Oregon - The Giants Fan page really likes this guy, I don’t know a thing about him.

Giants fans will be watching what they do in the undrafted free agent market and free agent signings.

Finally, so much has been said and written about this pandemic. For me it was fantastic to watch something live on TV. The draft gave me a sense of normalcy and the hope that warmer days, going out to eat, live sports and playing golf is just around the corner. Be healthy and stay safe.

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